Our Story

Tacombi was born on the balmy beaches of the Yucatán in 2006 with little more than a cloudless, palm-filled dream of sharing the beauty of authentic Mexican culture with the world.

Image of the 1st Tacombi VW bus in Playa del Carmen
2006, Playa del Carmen

We purchased a 1963 "combi" bus in Mexico City, wheeled it slowly (very slowly) through the Yucatan peninsula and parked it comfortably in the once-sleepy, now wide awake, beach town of Playa del Carmen. The engine was scrapped, transmission sold, seats swapped for cooking equipment, and the roof was reeled back to produce a taco serving stand with warmth, charm and character.

taco + Combi = Tacombi

That small bus has continued an adventure of transformation & passion. We opened our first taqueria in a garage in downtown New York in 2010, and have since opened neighborhood taquerias in New York, Washington DC and Miami. Within our taqueria walls we also started producing our own authentic, traditional “Vista Hermosa” tortilla products to preserve and share the flavors of Mexico and offer these products through stores across the country.

Welcoming pineapple image
Original Nolita location image
Image of ancient Mexican stone figure
Mexican flag waving
Our Mission:

...connecting you
to mexico!

Mexican flag waving
Image of waiter rushing with tacos
Image of Oscar Hernandez. Tacocmbi's Culinary Director
Portrait of server in taqueria


Tacombi has built an environment for those who want to share their innate positivity and professionalism in the service of others. Our neighborhood taquerias are part of larger communities and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve them every single day.

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